Our Team


Datec Internet Services employs strong business leaders with broad experience in project handling, management, business analysis, development and deployment, thus helping the clients to meet their business security needs.

Alan Emmel is the President of Datec Internet Services and joined in 2010. He is responsible for the management and delivery of all security and software projects. He has prior experience in management and online security technical services and has held senior management positions with start-up technology. He is a graduate from the London Business School and has served the board of Directors from 2006-2010.

Mike Burba is the Vice President of Datec Internet Services and joined in 2008. Mike has an entrepreneurial spirit and has gained a lot of previous experience in management and technical support with small startups agencies. He is responsible for planning, managing and organising the infrastructure and professional team within the organisation. He is also responsible for all the delivery options to all small, significant public and private organisation clients.

Technical Analyst Team

The professionals at Datec Internet Services focus on collaborative business solutions. The team works in close relationship with the clients and provides a complete end-on-end solution. Building a team to deliver the right answers is our passion. Our cybersecurity team addresses all challenging growing security threats in your online business servers and tools in no time. Our technical analysts efficiently tackle any kind of solution. Ours is a team of 25 technical analysts who are experts in security software solutions, detecting malware threats and its restoration. Our team operates on strategies that suites your needs. Security is everyone's business. Our highly skilled staffs are always on the watch out for the new technology and have a passion for expanding their skills. They already know what they are doing and or familiar with doing.

Network Administration Team

The network administration team often does an excellent job in server administration from time to time. The team works on all kinds of risk management and legal counsel to protect business information. Our balanced team ensures that your business-critical information does not let go outside by taking the apt security measures.

Meet our technical analyst's team and network administration team below.