What We Do

We offer an end-to-end and fully-fledged managed security services in all internet servers and cloud management of our business clients. We take care of their IT security services, identity and access management, data security, security assurance, managed security services, governance and risk compliance.

As information and internet tools have pervaded every aspect of our life from shopping, banking, education, commerce, we are also susceptible to cyber crimes almost each and every day. Secured online transactions and safeguard of online information are very essential to keep up with our daily work without losing the most important company information. The primary step we take is to ensure that our clients have a secure and appropriate software security installed for their online servers. Datec offers consulting services where we take a detailed look at your server, assess it for any real flaws and provide the most relevant security solution needed. Datec helps you to find the intelligent security software to protect your system from malware that causes data breach and intrusion to your business.

Once the security software is installed, Datec looks into the network health. Regular services like daily updates, add-on software updates are mostly forgotten by the clients. Security software has few deficiencies which are taken advantage by hackers to steal your business essential data. If this is not done and maintained on a regular basis, it will help these hackers and intruders a lot. To help you out and meet this need, Datec internet services provides an in-house analyst for your business server who handles this task for you efficiently, minimises networks downtime and monitors all your servers and systems for early detection of threats and malware. Hackers also target employees who are unaware of the technologies in server security. They deceive the employees and get access to online servers and cloud from them.

Datec Internet Services takes its time to educate the employees on Suspicious mails, phishing scams, unusual activities on servers, warning signs, precautions and what they must do to avoid such threats that come their way. Our internet security analysts give them knowledge and experience to fight off these hackers and protects the cyber threats in their company servers. We help you to find the security needed for any kind of business in all possible industries without any malware interference along with network administration and employee education. Our technical analyst's team and network administration team does an excellent job in meeting all clients expectations.

If you are looking for any kind of online security measures and administration for your small upcoming business or already established organisation be it private or public, then you have come to the right place! We are here to assist you!